These people don’t know whether they’re coming or going — Part 2.

Point: Brian Kelley, of Florida-Georgia Line:

Sounds like the same country music that’s been around since country music started.

Counterpoint: Jason Aldean:

I love Merle and George. Is it like Merle and George now? No, it’s not.

That says a lot, doesn’t it?

For what it’s worth, of course Jason Aldean’s right, but that doesn’t make him any less full of shit than Brian Kelley is for basically saying FGL sounds like the Carter Family. I love how these modern hacks talk out of both sides of their mouths like this. It more or less makes our point for us when we say they must think the country music audience is stupid — stupid enough not to notice that they can’t even keep their stories straight from one day to the next. Of course, Brian Kelley tried to persuade us all that he and his partner were trying to create something original and fresh even as they were talking about all the crap everyone else was talking about in song.

Not to totally let Aldean off the hook though, because elsewhere he had this to say re: Zac Brown’s comments on the previously mentioned Luke Bryan song:

If we all did the same thing then it would be boring. Doesn’t mean you have to rip people apart, though.

Who was ripping anyone apart? Zac Brown went out of his way to praise Luke Bryan as he trashed Bryan’s recording that song. And as far as the likes of the people who wrote the song go, well, why not? Like I’ve said before, if these people don’t want to get called out for writing crappy music, there’s a really easy way for them to make that happen. If they’re too stupid to figure it out — which they obviously are, if the evidence is any indication — then they’re just living up to everyone’s low expectations of them.

(h/t Country California)


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