Quote of the day…

…from Sailorcurt, in reply to Bob S. here:

There are WAY too many vocal people in this community who are WAY too impressed with themselves and their own “superior” opinions to even consider that someone else’s opinion might just be different than their own, rather than stupid, irresponsible or downright evil.

I will say that we have significantly less of them in our community than in probably any other cross section of society, but they’re still there and they’re very loud about it.

Indeed they are. Not only that, they run in packs — or more accurately, cliques. You take them all together and it’s just one big self-important circle jerk. As a friend put it once, a nastier bunch of self righteous narcissists would be hard to find.



2 Responses to “Quote of the day…”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    Thanks for the link and I agree with SailorCurt.
    Not that some of the OC advocates don’t give them a run for their money…but they Non-OC crowd does have a firm lock on 1st place.

    I’ve noticed the clique aspect before and definitely recently; I really feel like an outsider simply because I’ve asked for moderation.

  2. mick Says:

    Bob made some good points. Talking through disagreement is difficult enough without condemning, disparaging, etc. These are useful, noble guidelines for any topic.

    I’m not sure I get Sailorcourt’s comment. Is he saying that it’s useless to consider these guidelines because anti-gunners are totally irrational and not worth discussion? If so, that’s an impressively quick shift from sage advice into totally disregarding Bob’s post and disparage a large group of people.

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