An old question…

…posed by this story, that has yet to be answered:

Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed announced Thursday that her office will begin reinvestigating a former pediatric nurse who was suspected in the 1980s of intentionally killing dozens of babies via lethal doses of blood thinner or muscle relaxants, a Houston television station has reported.

Genene Jones, who worked at hospitals in San Antonio and Kerrville, was sentenced by a Kerr County jury in 1984 to 99 years in prison for the murder of a single child. A Bexar County jury handed her a 60-year term for a single injury to a child charge.

But a state law that was in place at the time of her sentencing will allow Jones, 63, the opportunity for early release, based on good behavior, in less than five years.

If Genene Jones is such a danger to those around her that she should not be walking free in society — and let’s face it, she is — then it’s only right that we keep her locked up. And you see no less than an authority figure than Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed saying as much.  But there are only God knows how many killers in this country walking around free now that pose a danger to those around them. They have shown as much with their previous crimes for which they served time and were let out to kill or rob again.

I understand the moral outrage here — don’t get me wrong. Genene Jones preyed on the most vulnerable among us, and if one of the kids she allegedly killed were mine, I would have wanted to pull a Carl Lee Hailey on her. But I have the same objections to singling out Ms. Jones as I did with the dangerous-dog bill the House passed in the last legislative session — specifically, why should we be keeping her in jail and letting out other dangerous criminals whose victims were older?



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