So, Wendy Davis is already targeting the low-info voters…

…if this tidbit from her Facebook page is any indication:

Don’t let special interest cronies and insiders pick the next Governor of Texas. Stand with Wendy Davis.

Special-interest cronies. Oh, you mean people like the ones who sent Senator Davis money after her little stunt?

At last count, in the summer, Abbott had more than $20 million, while Davis reported a little more than $1 million in the bank. The latest reports don’t reflect recent and fairly frenetic fundraising activity, however, and the notoriety Davis achieved by her filibuster of a restrictive abortion measure in June has helped her raise lots of money from nontraditional sources and out-of-state contributors.

Now, look. I understand that Abbott is hardly a grassroots-type candidate himself, but Wendy Davis is going to be at least as much of an astroturfer as he is, if not more so. Frankly, I think Texas voters should consider Davis’ positioning here to be a huge insult to their intelligence. And I really hope Texas voters see through the facade she’s setting up.



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