And as if to prove the point once again…

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, on gun owners:

I almost wish bad things upon these people

Of course, this isn’t surprising. Vedder has long been known as a left-wing activist, and such is not exactly uncommon among them.  It’s really amusing that Wikipedia claims Vedder writes about, among other things, freedom and individualism, considering he has advocated for yet more unconstitutional gun laws based on the supposition that 90 percent of Americans support them. I guess he’s all about freedom for the individual unless the collective demands otherwise. What a courageous, free-thinking guy!



4 Responses to “And as if to prove the point once again…”

  1. Invisible Mikey Says:

    So, the point is… what? That he doesn’t have the right to differ with your interpretation of the 2A, when neither of you are Constitutional Law experts? Or that rock stars shouldn’t cop an attitude of superiority? Might as well try to write songs advocating your own point-of-view.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      rock stars shouldn’t cop an attitude of superiority

      This right here. Let alone wish bad things on people who might actually be buying their records. I suppose he can afford to do that now after most of Pearl Jam’s records have been sold, but it’s still an incredibly low-class thing to do.

  2. Invisible Mikey Says:

    Well, I agree with you that it’s unwise marketing, but stardom brings out the asshole in some people. It’s more common in music than in TV/movies.

  3. mick Says:

    Uh. Rock stars shouldn’t, but bloggers should? That’s odd.

    I’d guess what you’re actually upset about is that his comment got media attention. Which you and could help fix by not linking to the article.

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