28th verse, same as the first.

So the questionable Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations continue this year, with Chic, LL Cool J, and N.W.A.

But hey, Yes and Deep Purple! (After how many years? This is me rolling my eyes.) And sure, Nirvana will probably go in this year and arguably deserve to for their influence, but still, any time Nirvana is mentioned in any context, I think of this comment from way back when:

(Kurt) Cobain was a lot of things. Genius was not one of them. He played a mediocre-to-decent guitar when he was on the upside of a dose, but after that everything sounded like a monkey fucking a Telecaster. And those sounds we all heard on Nevermind? He hated all that. Geffen Records spent a ton of money running their crap sounds out of the garage and into a professional studio environment, where the turd was polished into a record that sold a metric fuckton of copies…

…all to Cobain’s chagrin. He hated every inch of it. He wanted to be a shitty garage band. I guess he had to support his (and her) habits, so he signed a contract and spent a few million of David Geffen’s dollars to make an album he hated. So he kacked himself over it.

What makes me puke is when people look over Jerry Cantrell, Layne Stayley, Chris Cornell, Mike McCready, et al, and call Cobain the genius….

And yeah, I would say it’s about time Deep Purple got in, but honestly, with all the questionable nominations and inductions over the years they’ve lost so much credibility that it really doesn’t matter. That being the case, an RRHOF nomination is just like an award from one of the myriad award shows anymore — if x deserving artists don’t get it, it’s really not that big of a deal, because we all know the impact they made on their chosen genre anyway.




2 Responses to “28th verse, same as the first.”

  1. Dwight Brown Says:

    Isn’t the idea of a “hall of fame” antithetical to the basic principles of rock and roll?

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