Just a question…

… after reading this story:

LOCKPORT, N.Y. (WIVB) – Lockport Police are coming under fire, following the arrest of a gun owner. Lockport Police made an arrest this weekend, when a man had too many bullets in his pistol clip. Police admit there are even some city employees not happy the man was arrested….

Lockport Police Department Captain Michael Niethe said, “We’re aware that there’s people who are not in favor of this law and there’s probably some people in this building that are not in favor of this law, but it’s the law of the land and we’re going to enforce it.”

You know what else was the law of the land at one point? Blacks and whites having separate places to eat and drink. So with that in mind, what makes Captain Michael Neithe and the Lockport, New York police department any different than Bull Connor and his gang of thugs? Just because they’re not unleashing dogs and turning firehoses on gun owners doesn’t make what they’re doing any more moral.



One Response to “Just a question…”

  1. mick Says:

    Selective enforcement leads to anarcho-tyranny, doesn’t it?

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