Observations on the open carry rally…

You know what’s awesome? How supposedly pro-gun bloggers are citing the San Antonio Express-News article on the rally in front of the Alamo in said bloggers’ ongoing efforts to shit all over the open-carry movement. Because of course, if anyone’s gonna paint gun people in a positive light, it’s the same news outlet whose editorial board used the Navy Yard shootings to advocate for a ban on a class of gun that was not even used in those shootings.

Reportedly the counter-protest took place a good bit away from the rally, down on South Alamo. I told Sabra that it would have been quite appropriate if they’d protested down at the corner of South Alamo and South St. Mary’s. (For those of you not from here, at that intersection there was once a “Texas Highway Patrol Museum” that actually was not affilliated with the Texas Department of Public Safety; it served as a front for a telemarketing scam that raised money by soliciting donations for the families of slain state troopers.)

She went and got pictures and has some observations of her own. You should go check them out.




3 Responses to “Observations on the open carry rally…”

  1. Dwight Brown Says:

    Hey, I remember the Texas Highway Patrol Museum! Never went, but I did write about it some when things fell apart.

    Has anything gone in to that building? Last I heard, they were having some problems with the legalities of getting it auctioned off, but there was a Mexican place that want to move in there…

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      The last time I remember seeing anything about it they were still trying to get the sale ironed out as well. Sabra said there was a photo exhibit in there now.

  2. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Not in. On. And I am not 100% certain it’s that building, but the photog did say Alamo and St Mary’s. IIRC, the woman who owns Rosario’s (currently across the street) wanted to buy it and sued the realty company and new owners ’cause she offered more money but they went with other people.

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