Say, what’s this? Another media double standard?

The hell you say

The Washington National Cathedral, a symbol of unity among faithful Americans, was the site of a politically divisive event promoting gun control on Sunday.

(I should note that I am by no means bashing Emily Miller here. She has shown herself to be on the right side of this debate on innumerable occasions. I merely post this story as it’s the only story about it that I have seen today. With that said, let’s move on to the meat of this…)

Now, what’s the double standard here? Well…

On one hand, we have a group assembling on public property for a pro-Second Amendment rally down here in Texas, who doesn’t have any kind of tax status, and the national media raises hell. On the other hand, there in Washington, they have a tax-exempt organization more or less overtly engaging in political advocacy — which they’re forbidden by federal law to do as a condition of their tax-exempt status — and no one blinks an eye.

And none of those aforementioned allegedly pro-gun bloggers has a damn thing to say about it either. I think it’s about time to start asking whose side they’re on.

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