He’s as wrong as Jon Bon Jovi was.

Who? Kirk Hammett:

Asked who he thinks will be the next generation of festival headliners, Hammett replied: “It’s hard to say… MUSE, they’re already headlining festivals. Maybe QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. It’s hard to say. There haven’t been a lot of really, really great bands that have shown that kind of promise, you know. I think it’s a concern. Because of things like iTunes and streaming and social networking, it’s destroyed music. It’s destroyed the motivation to go out there and really make the best record possible. It’s a shame.”

I would really like to know how he arrived at this conclusion. I mean, I realize that bashing the evolving business model is the fashionable thing to do among musicians anymore, but why can’t they at least make their case using things like logic and reason? It’s like they just say these things and we’re expected to accept them as gospel, because, hey, musical idols!

What’s that, you ask? Why do I think Hammett is off base here?

Well, it’s pretty simple. With the a la carte business model, as opposed to having to buy the whole album to get potentially two or three good songs out of, say, 10, now the customer can download those two or three good songs and leave the filler. If anything, such a business model ought to be an incentive to musicians to make the best album they can as opposed to x number of good songs surrounded by filler. I realize that “filler” is completely subjective, but it’s always struck me that some genres have more of a reputation for that than others. And that’s going to be a fault of the genre, not the business model.


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