He’s right, but that doesn’t necessarily make his criticism valid.

Robb Flynn of Machine Head:

I’ll just stare at the CMT channel and watch in silence. Well, virtual silence because I stare in disbelief and seethe at the soundless images coming off the screen at me….And all those video images are cut with carefully manicured guys and gals in jeans and cowboy hats, playing songs written by a high paid group of other writers who produce simple pop songs that have slide guitar and acoustic and sound all shit-kickin’ and country-fied….

Flynn’s right, of course, and Trigger may well be right when he says Flynn’s comments are telling on how country music is being perceived outside the genre.

Before Flynn gets lauded as speaking truth to power, however, a question needs to be answered: Is he a fan of the genre who’s honestly dissatisfied with its direction as of late, or is he just pulling a Zack de la Rocha? After all, when Don Henley was calling out country music a decade ago, he at least made it pretty plain that he was a fan of the genre. With Robb Flynn — especially since he had some seemingly complimentary things to say about Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup”— who the hell knows? If he’s gonna say that RSC is a good example of the direction that country music should be going in then his criticism is useless, because he’s basically promoting one kind of horseshit over another, and God knows we have enough of that being promoted as “country” anymore, period.


One Response to “He’s right, but that doesn’t necessarily make his criticism valid.”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    For one, I think you are underestimating just how much country music has changed in a decade. In ’03 we were still listening to the Dixie Chicks’ cover of “Traveling Soldier”, Pat Green’s “Wave on Wave”, & Alan Jackson’s “Remember When.”

    For another, dude lost me right when he got to the ranting about religion and the military machine. He can go right on back to desperately grabbing for relevance and have fun being the edgy atheist.

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