Wednesday political musings, 30.10.13

First up, from the San Antonio Express-News:

Re: “Political résumé,” Your Turn, Oct. 22:

The writer castigates the Express-News for championing Sen. Wendy Davis’ run for governor, arguing that Davis’ lack of experience doesn’t qualify her to lead the state of Texas. He seems to forget that another senator had an equally thin résumé, and he’s now the President of the United States.

And how exactly is that working for us again? The national economy’s in the shitter, with part-time jobs being practically being considered the new norm, we alienate valuable allies with everything from little breaches of etiquette to full-on wiretapping of their leaders’ phones, to the point that at least one of them severed ties with us completely, the snazzy new website we’re all supposed to buy more expensive health insurance (or be fined) doesn’t work for shit, and then there’s the myriad scandals like Benghazi, Gunwalker, and on and on and on. If this sort of mismanagement — intentional or not — is what’s on tap for Texas if Wendy Davis is elected governor, then we should fervently hope our fellow Texans are smart enough not to vote for her.

Next up, oh, hey, look, more carpetbaggers come to Texas!

Former Arizona Congresswoman and shooting survivor Gabrielle Giffords returned to Houston with her husband, ex-astronaut Mark Kelly, to raise money for a political action committee that will assist congressional and state candidates who support stricter gun laws.

Presumably this will include candidates running for Texas offices. We should also keep this in mind, as it could work to our advantage: “These candidates are the choices of out-of-staters who want to impose the same immoral anti-self-defense laws that have failed everywhere else they’ve been tried!”

But hey, Giffords and Kelly lived in League City for a time, so I guess that makes it okay.

(Watch that sarcasm. It might stain. Or, more accurately, burn you right to the bone.)


One Response to “Wednesday political musings, 30.10.13”

  1. Les Says:

    Catheter Wendy would be another of a long string of national socialist disasters. Dave McNeely approves of her. Like Pitts, he is the almost perfect political litmus test. In this case, I didn’t need his input, but it was conformation.

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