Late horror movie musings.


I think the psychological horror movies are easier for me to take rather than slasher types.

I don’t know that they’d be easier for me to take, but I can say that I like the psychological horror flicks a lot more than the blood-and-guts slasher movies. It always struck me that what you can’t see can be a hell of a lot more frightening than what you can see.

One of my favorite examples of this is The Blair Witch Project. A lot of people made fun of that movie, but I thought it was a classic of the genre. You knew something was out there, just off the screen, and there were rather grisly clues here and there, but the witch never showed. And you knew the witch was doing bad things, but it all lurked out of sight. I remember seeing that movie in the theater and being on edge for a few days after. Slasher flicks are just way too obvious for me…



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