Monday music musings, 11.11.13

Charlie Worsham:

There’s always been a struggle between tradition and blazing a new trail. That hasn’t changed at all. It’s just that the spectrum is wider than it’s ever been.

Wait, what? The spectrum for country music is wider than it’s ever been? To the extent that’s true, it’s only because the spectrum has shifted, with hard rock on one and hip-hop on the other, with even less room for actual country music, and for him to imply otherwise is either really ignorant or really misleading. I mean, honestly. If traditional country music was adequately represented on the radio, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion that Mr.Worsham contributed to with his comments, would we?

And I hope to hell Kacey Musgraves is right about substance becoming important in country music again. I’ve had all I can stand of this bullshit frat-boy “music,” and that’s only being subjected to it for a few minutes every so often in the local barbecue joints because I’ve completely sworn off terrestrial country radio other than the classic country stations. Friday morning I was subjected to Florida-Georgia Line’s “Get Your Shine On” in the downtown Bill Miller’s and couldn’t facepalm hard enough when I heard the line “slide that sugar shaker over here.” I didn’t think it could get much worse than Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night,” but it damn sure did. Seriously, if that one line is not the low point of the entire history of country music I defy anyone to tell me what is.

Thomas Rhett is apparently as self-unaware as his Peach Picker dad, as he actually admits listening to himself out loud. Someone mentioned his “huge hit” at Country California and I didn’t even know what that “huge hit” was. Something tells me I am better off for that, especially after being alerted to the lyrics. Another commenter at CC observed that country music these days seemed to be written on a level that 2-year-olds could understand. I like to think Miss Marie would object to that, as she likes to sing along with Chris Knight….



3 Responses to “Monday music musings, 11.11.13”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    You know, that Bill Miller’s has a separate side entrance for to-go orders and it’s far enough away from the radio that you probably wouldn’t be able to hear it.

    Also, Charlie Worsham is correct. The spectrum is wider. Even as recently as the 1990s, there were, say, 3 main subsets of country music on the radio: country rock (CR), traditional country (TR), and pop country (PC). So it was 1:1:1 (don’t assume I mean that as a ratio; I don’t). Right now you have all those, but you also have hip-hop country (HR), and pop country has fragmented into what we recognize as pop county and what I’ll call romance novel country ’cause the target audience for the two is the same (RC), and country rock has fragmented into that and bro country (BC). Instead of 1:1:1, you’ve got 1:1:1:1:1:1. And if you’re wanting traditional country, you’re looking at more like 1:5. Again, not an actual ratio, just a way to give you an idea. And since corporate country stations play an incredibly narrow subset of music, the chances of one TC song creeping in are pretty narrow.

  2. Greg Says:

    STpistolero: you can wash out your ears of the pop/hip-hop country by making a Sat evening trip to nearby historic Anhalt Dancehall: Jake Hooker and the Outsiders are playing. You owe yourself at least one trip to hear this band…(trust me).

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      You owe yourself at least one trip to hear this band

      Oh, believe you me, good sir, I am completely on board with that. I remember you talking about him some time ago and heard him on Sirius and thought, “Oh man, this guy is the real fucking deal.” Perfect antidote to all this bro-country bullshit for sure, him and Justin Trevino both.

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