You know what the question is here…

…but I am going to ask it (again) anyway:

A Texas man convicted of abducting a young Houston couple, raping the woman and fatally stabbing the man in 1991 was put to death Tuesday evening.

Jamie McCoskey, 49, already was on a form of probation when he was arrested for the slaying of 21-year-old Michael Dwyer, who had been stabbed nearly two dozen times, and the rape of Dwyer’s pregnant fiance. The couple had been abducted from their apartment….

Before reaching death row, he had a kidnapping conviction in Austin, assaults while in prison, marijuana possession busts and a jail term where records show he used a chisel to crack the skull of a fellow Harris County inmate.

Why was Jamie McCoskey let out of jail, like…ever? He had quite obviously shown himself to be a danger to society, considering that he was quite literally cracking skulls in jail. And throwing chairs in court? Let’s face it; the dude had issues — issues that should have had him locked away from society. But for whatever reason, he was let out, free to predate at will, and two innocent people paid the price.

We are better than this. And we deserve better than this. When are we going to start focusing on the criminals themselves as opposed to one specific tool they use?



One Response to “You know what the question is here…”

  1. Jeff Bauer Says:

    You asked “Why was Jamie McCoskey let out of jail, like…ever?”

    I ask why the fuck wasn’t he executed for the slaying of Dwyer and the rape of Dwyer’s pregnant fiance?

    Actually, he should have been let out of jail AFTER being executed. Let out In a cheap, particle board coffin. And over TWO DECADES AGO. Period.

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