And another Fudd gets it wrong.

Colorado hunting guide Miles Fednic, on a threatened boycott of Colorado hunting due to their more stringent gun laws (h/t David Codrea):

To boycott a private company making money is one thing, but to boycott an entire state where all the money is going to the division of wildlife and parks, it’s a whole different deal. It doesn’t help anything to take money away from wildlife. The government is still going to run, with hunters or without us.

Yeah, that’s the spirit, isn’t it? Just like Hillary said, “What difference does it make?”

I’m going to guess Mr. Fednic didn’t study economics in high school or college. After all, when hunters come to Colorado to hunt, they spend more money than just what they fork over for hunting licenses. Food, fuel, lodging…that’s a lot of money coming into the Colorado economy. How much is anyone’s guess, but to say that “all the money is going to wildlife and parks” displays a profound ignorance of what’s going on. Not only that, but the general attitude  Mr. Fednic seems to be displaying here is rather reprehensible. It’s as if he doesn’t even care that his fellow Colorado gun owners are getting screwed with the help of out-of-state money so long as some of that money keeps coming in to him and his people. I am reminded again of the words of the Geek With A .45:

“If you own a duck gun or a deer rifle, and see nothing wrong with the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’, I remind you that the Second Amendment is of sober and serious purpose that is not about your trivial right to entertain yourself with sports shooting.

“When they come for your duck gun, my battle rifle and I won’t be there to help you, because at that point, I either won’t have a battle rifle, or it’s shards will have been buried with me.”

“And if that came to pass because you were sitting on your ass, you won’t deserve any help either.”

The apathy that David Codrea often points out is disheartening indeed, but it’s downright infuriating when people like Miles Fednic sit on their asses deliberately to protect their own financial interests.


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