Could be worse, I suppose…

…we could be Britain.

The  tl/dr version: Pregnant woman has a panic attack because she forgot to take her meds and ultimately has her baby cut out of her womb by British butchers doctors at the behest of British social service workers. The kicker to it all?

The woman in question was not even a British citizen; she was an Italian citizen in Britain on business.

From what I understand this sort of thing isn’t the only aggression exhibited by British social services; if there’s anything to this bit from Daily Mail columnist Christopher Booker, their agents routinely jet off to foreign countries in pursuit of parents who have left the country to escape things like being harassed by social service agents after confiding in strangers that they were depressed about their jobs.

Really makes you wonder if they have an adoption racket going on under the table…


One Response to “Could be worse, I suppose…”

  1. Jeff Bauer Says:

    Once Obamacare kicks in 100%, we will be Britain.

    Archie Bunker nails it @ 1:38

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