And the numbers tell the tale…

…yet again:

Bexar County officials say efforts to help residents enroll in the Affordable Care Act have paid off, as 758 people have registered, picked a plan and paid their first bill for health insurance at county outreach facilities.

Despite initial problems with the federal website, about 11 percent of the 6,863 residents who’ve sought information at six different facilities have enrolled in a plan, according to Will Velazquez, a project coordinator for Bexar County’s Department of Community Resources….

…Officials have said that there are between 100,000 and 300,000 uninsured residents in Bexar County.

Wow. Efforts have paid off, huh? We all know that government has low standards for efficiency, but that’s just ridiculous. An 11 percent success rate in getting people to sign up is bad enough, given that the federal requirement is for everyone to have insurance, but (depending on the numbers) a 0.252 percent to 0.758 percent success rate is absolutely abysmal. And the website was supposed to have been fixed already! Perhaps Bexar County will break 1,000 by March 31st…

(And really? 50,000 people on the website at the same time and 800,000 visits a day. Compared to the 100 billion hits Facebook gets every day without crashing, that’s pretty pathetic.)



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