Why one and not the other?

…or, So NOW the Express-News stands up for San Antonio taxpayers?

 CPS Energy should do everyone a favor and drop its plan for a tower to augment San Antonio’s skyline.

The last thing ratepayers need — fresh off an increase, potentially facing future increases — is to fund a legacy project for the utility.

So why is it bad for CPS ratepayers to fund one legacy project but for VIA fare-payers to fund another — namely, the streetcar project? That one’s fraught with all sorts of disadvantages beyond the fact that’s already running $60 million over budget, among others the fact that it’s going to screw up downtown traffic even more than it already is; along those same lines, it’s going to choke up streets on the outskirts of downtown with all the buses being forced out of downtown onto said streets, resulting in longer, more expensive commutes for VIA bus riders;  and it’s going to kill businesses that largely depend on the bus riders downtown.

Yet the Express-News seems perfectly content to carry Julian Castro’s and Nelson Wolff’s water when it comes to that project. Why?



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