Don’t know the first thing about what, now?

From today’s Express-News:

The mercury plunged into the single digits and teens from Boston and New York to Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville and Little Rock — places where many people don’t know the first thing about extreme cold.

Really? I grew up in Northeast Texas, where even though the temps didn’t get down into the single digits, it did get down into the teens every so often, and the 20s on a regular basis. And I don’t remember it being that much warmer in places like Nashville and Little Rock. Yes, they say it’s the South. And it is — but it’s pretty far north for still being a part of the South. They don’t deal with temps that cold that often, but it still gets cold every year — yes, Virginia, even in the South. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that temperatures do still go quite a bit below freezing every year, even if they’re not usually that extreme. Just look at the damn map of the country, people; it’s not that small. It’s a long way from, say, San Antonio to Oklahoma City. Is it really surprising that the weather in those two places would be different? It’s not so much that we don’t know how to deal with the cold down here as it is that we were all caught by surprise…



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