I see the liberals salivating over this…

and I really don’t understand why:

The mystery of who closed two lanes onto the George Washington Bridge — turning the borough of Fort Lee, N.J., into a parking lot for four days in September — exploded into a full-bore political scandal for Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday. Emails and texts revealed that a top aide had ordered the closings to punish the town’s mayor after he did not endorse the governor for re-election.

I remember reading that and being absolutely bewildered as to why (besides getting the scoop, if they did) the NYT would publish such a thing. If anyone would be a perfect Republican candidate for the New York Times, it would be Chris Christie, for many reasons already give over in this space before. Sure, there could be worse — but who? Mike Huckabee? God knows the GOP establishment would never go for that. They’d run Mitt Romney again before they ran Huckabee. I can just see them being stupid enough to do it, too.

No matter the reason they ran it, frankly I am glad they did — as the old saying goes, any chair in a bar fight. Christie claims he didn’t know anything about it, but as Jesse Walker at Reason put it:

“So which do you prefer? The kind of ruthless, Nixonian maniac who’s willing to screw enormous numbers of people to get revenge on someone he perceives as disloyal? Or the kind of ruthless, Nixonian maniac who builds a machine that can do that without getting him personally involved?”



4 Responses to “I see the liberals salivating over this…”

  1. AndyN Says:

    Three possibilities spring to mind for NYT running this: 1) They have a reflexive hostility to anybody with an R after his name. 2) From where they’re sitting, he actually looks like a conservative. 3) If he gets the nomination in 2016 he might be able to peel off enough Democrats to beat Hillary. There’s actually a fourth possibility – that a NYT reporter actually covered something involving a politician simply because the results of his actions were newsworthy. That was difficult to type with a straight face.

    As for Jesse Walker’s questions, we’ve all been looking at DC for the past 5 years and wondering exactly the same thing, haven’t we?

  2. 3boxesofbs Says:

    While I think Christie is the best democrat planning on running in 2016, I really don’t see this issue about the future election.

    I really see it as a distraction from today’s (and the past 5 years) news; Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Affordable Healthcare Rollout, and especially the news of Al-Qaeda taking back Fallujah.

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    As for Jesse Walker’s questions, we’ve all been looking at DC for the past 5 years and wondering exactly the same thing, haven’t we?

    Indeed we have, Andy. And I do think there’s something to all three of your scenarios, but I do have to say that in the case of No. 2 it’d be a close race in favor of Hillary, if only for FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT and the fact that Republicans would stay home in droves just like they did in 2012.

    And perhaps it is a distraction, Bob, but better this distraction instead of, say, another story about the royal baby or Wendy Davis. 😉

  4. kahr40 Says:

    The NYT finally has a scandal they can get their teeth into. Honestly, do you expect them to investigate those involving Obama? Seriously?

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