And there he goes again….

Who? Keith Urban, of course:

People have this relentless ongoing conversation about what’s country and what isn’t. It’s never changed. If people really really were country fans, they’d know it’s always been there, in every single decade.

Well, that’s special. Mr. Urban now presumes to tell us who is and is not a real country music fan. I daresay most of the people he would deride have likely been listening to country music for as long as he’s been alive.

And here we are again, talking about Chet Atkins and the string-heavy Nashville Sound. As much as he talks about this era you’d think Urban himself was stuck in about 1972 or so. Yet again there’s not a word about the Urban Cowboy era and the fallout after it, the mid-1980s neo-traditionalist movement, the class of 1989 or any of that. It strikes me that Keith Urban’s musings about the alleged “evolution” of country are about as self-serving — and as helpful — as Kenny Rogers’.

(h/t Country California)



7 Responses to “And there he goes again….”

  1. Jeff Bauer Says:

    Never trust the commentary of a man whose surname rhymes with turban…

  2. layla Says:

    i agree with his comments.If people really knew their country history, theyd know the debate has always been there. I like his comment at the start “i make music, people decide what it is. I dont think about it anymore than that”

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Ahem. You’re missing the point, which is that Urban talks so much about this “evolution of country” bit and recycles the same talking points over and over, to the point that it’s worth asking if he knows or likes anything about country beyond the certain periods he alwaysreferences.

      • layla Says:

        Ive only heard him mention the chet atkins thing twice, hes also brought up dolly parton and glen campbell when talking about the topic. Ive also seen interviews where hes spoken about everyone from kristoferson to jamey johnson, from marty robbins to brooks and dunn etc. So hes not stuck in one era. I think you are being a little too selective.

  3. Greg Says:

    Now that King George is singing duets with Jason (gag) Aldean, the apocalypse has to be imminent. Bidness is bidness, I guess (but sad to see).

  4. southtexaspistolero Says:

    You can think what you want, Layla. I just go by what I’ve seen him quoted as saying in interviews more often than anything, and that’s pretty much it.

    Totally missed the duet, Greg. Was it something they did live?! I know he’s opening for Strait on some of his tour dates this year.

  5. Greg Says:

    A couple of live songs with Aldean. Depending on a person’s viewpoint, it might be considered an endorsement…or as mentioned, just bidness.

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