The letter-writer asks a pertinent question.

Would that he had answered it:

…individuals may buy and sell firearms among themselves, which has been the law of the land for more than 200 years. During this time, millions of firearms have changed hands, so even if new background-check laws are passed, what is to prevent someone from selling a firearm to a friend, relative or acquaintance without performing the background check?

Absolutely nothing is to prevent that, of course — nothing, that is, short of universal mandatory gun registration. That is the dirty little secret of the anti-gunners in regards to “closing the gun show loophole” or whatever they’re calling it today — because, again, after all, if the gun isn’t tracked starting with the initial FFL transaction, there’s no way to to know after that if the gun was sold to a “prohibited person.”

And it’s most likely not going to happen, at least not on a federal level. So what now?



One Response to “The letter-writer asks a pertinent question.”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    More importantly — the antis know that background checks; even registration, will not reduce ‘gun’ violence much less violence in general.
    Look at what the laws that have been proposed do; they increase the penalty for selling a firearm to a prohibited person (with or without a background check) but not one of them that I’ve reviewed has increased the penalty for a prohibited person TRYING TO buy the gun.

    Not one proposal has called for increased prosecution of those currently attempting to illegally purchase a firearm.

    Might reduce gun ownership a bit. They are okay with that because their strategy is an incremental increase in restriction leading up to complete disarmament.

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