Sigh. Nicky’s at it again.

Because, of course, the NRA and all its members would totally condone shooting someone in a movie theater for texting during a movie, right?

Hey, Nick! The jagoff who shot that dude in the theater was one of your vaunted Only Ones, with lifetime carry privileges bestowed upon him by your all-knowing government precisely because of that status! Suck on that, you dumbass!



One Response to “Sigh. Nicky’s at it again.”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    In a very warped way; this incident kinda proves Heinlein’s observation.
    The dead guy was the person violating theater etiquette.
    The dead guy was the person who responded in a socially unacceptable manner to a reminder (polite or not to be determined) to stop violating etiquette.
    The dead guy was the person who escalated a verbal confrontation into a physical confrontation.

    How much of this happened because of the lack of visible firearms, general disarmed state of the population, etc we will never know but it isn’t likely the dead guy felt free to violate socially acceptable behavior because he was reasonable confident his life wasn’t going to be in danger. People forget that is the OTHER half of Heinlein’s quote.
    …Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

    And the converse is true also — the shooter also may have felt freer to engage in controlling behavior for the same reasons.

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