Just in case you needed a reminder…

…of how tone-deaf and arrogant Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff is:

He doesn’t believe the (streetcar) project is big enough to warrant a vote, and besides, he said, that decision belongs with VIA, not the county.

More inconveniences for bus riders, torn-up downtown streets for only God knows how long, and no one knows how much it’s going to cost (and it’s already $70 million over its original $210 million budget). But it’s not big enough for a vote.

“But every city our size has them.” Yes, and they’re a money pit pretty much everywhere else, too. You’d think as smart and forward-thinking as Wolff allegedly is, he’d come up with better reasons than “everybody else is doing it.”

And way to suck up there, Josh Brodesky!

…sticking with what you believe in, and taking the heat, sure beats twisting with the prevailing political winds or pandering to a party base.

Yes, because God forbid Wolff actually listen to his constituents and let them have a say on how their city is developed, right?



One Response to “Just in case you needed a reminder…”

  1. GomeznSA Says:

    Yep, the nerve of them pesky citizens thinking that they should have any say so in how their tax dollars are spent. And they certainly should be supporting our esteemed mayor in his single minded efforts to improve our fair city (sigh).

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