Huh, I never thought about that.

First up, a bit of context, from Saving Country Music:

On Friday, Jan. 24th, Aaron Lewis was playing a show at the Thirsty Cowboy in Medina, Ohio, and during his set he decided to take the recent #1 song “Redneck Crazy” by Tyler Farr to task. The controversial tune portrays a jilted male stalking his ex-girlfriend, including driving up onto her lawn and throwing beer cans at her…

“I fucking hate this song,” Aaron Lewis told the Thirsty Cowboy crowd. “I just always thought the message of this song was pretty fucked up. But obviously, a lot of people related to it ’cause it went to #1, go figure.”

And in the comments, after a fair bit of the commenters lambasting Lewis for what was perceived to be his own subpar music to date:

I have to listen to people pretend that Brad Paisley is a good artist because of a few songs, while completely ignoring the fact that he’s shitting in the stream with his damn novelty songs, because he “respects” the history of music.

I have to listen to people pretend that Keith Urban is a real artist and not just a pretty boy who sings crap like “Little Bit of Everything” and the same damn love song over and over again – because he is one of many people who can play a guitar.

If those things are true, then people can ignore one terrible song that Aaron Lewis did when he speaks the truth about a song that is basically an abusive partner’s theme music.

Never thought about it like that, but it really was spot-on, I think. When you take all the above-mentioned artists’ collective sins against country music and compare them, Aaron Lewis comes out WAY ahead of both Urban and Paisley.

And that’s really sad, considering Lewis’ musical background. I would surely not proclaim him to be some sort of savior of country music, but I do think Lewis is making an honest effort to be true to the genre — even with his missteps — and I respect that a lot. God knows that’s more than can be said of both Keith Urban and Brad Paisley as of late. I have yet to check out his album in its entirety, but I do like what I’ve heard from it, even if that was just one song. And I’d surely be willing to give him more of a chance than Paisley or Urban, to say nothing of the purveyors of all this sexist frat-boy bullshit. I realize it’s not a “one or the other” choice, but I am interested to see where he goes.

Oh, and somebody needs to record this right the hell now:


2 Responses to “Huh, I never thought about that.”

  1. BikerDad Says:

    Forgive me for being out of the loop on this, but if “Redneck Crazy” is so offensive, then why in the hell has country music been celebrating abusive and vindictive women for decades? Seriously, can you explain that?

  2. BikerDad Says:

    To be clear, I’m asking about women IN songs, not the women (or men) singing the song.

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