Monday music musings, 27.01.14

Lots of good stuff here (via), but I’ll be damned if Mike Ethan Messick didn’t nail the ever-loving shit out of the whole bro-country farce:

It’s a cliché all its own now to complain about songs about trucks, tailgates, country girls, pasture parties, etc. But at least to these ears they’re almost impossible to compliment and tiresome to criticize. And this is coming from someone who actually likes trucks, beer, fishing, etc., in real life. I’m just tired of hearing it unconvincingly celebrated in songs with million-dollar production and 10-cent rhymes.

Not much else to add to that, is there?

And I was going to say, what the hell is the deal with this Alan Scherstuhl hack? Deerhunter? Cauc-pop?

“English, hipster. Do you speak it?”

But then Google shows Mr. Scherstuhl to be the film editor at the Village Voice, which arguably explains everything about that

And you all know how I feel about awards shows in general, but hey, two Grammys for Kacey Musgraves but none for Taylor Swift? Way to go, NARAS!

On that note, so to speak, some people just can’t help themselves, and it’s almost embarrassing to watch. Every time Musgraves is mentioned in pretty much any context, they’re all like, “ZOMG teh gheyzzz!!!!1111eleventy!” I mean, really?


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