Food for thought…

…in the comments at Saving Country Music:

George Jones died last year and there hasn’t been a country tribute album made for him. Motley Crue announced their last tour and on the same day it was announced that there is a country tribute album being made for them. Something is very wrong here.

Can’t say as I disagree with that, but then on the other hand, the whole Motley Crue tribute is oddly fitting, since so much of modern country is so evocative of the worst of the ’80s glam metal. So it could be said this is a symptom as opposed to the actual disease.

But it’s worth asking whether a mainstream George Jones tribute album would even be remotely credible anymore, as opposed to coming off as a contrived, half-assed effort. After all, it’s not as if anyone having success in mainstream country anymore was even a Jones fan to any significant degree, let alone appreciated his place in country music. Not that I would ever actually defend what Scott Borchetta and company are doing here — I think it’s going to be a cluster-copulation of epic proportions — but surely I am not the only one who would cringe at the likes of Florida-Georgia Line or Brantley Gilbert singing “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”…


2 Responses to “Food for thought…”

  1. That Guy Says:

    I just ran across this on the Interwebz, and thought you needed to see it:

    “Everything wrong with Country music in one song”

  2. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Do we really need a tribute album that consists solely of 15 different versions of “He Stopped Loving Her Today”? No. No, we do not.

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