What about the kid, indeed…

…or, Oh hey, this reminds me:

Re: “In the Buddy case, don’t forget the child,” Josh Brodesky, Another View, Jan. 24:

Josh Brodesky hit a nerve. It is appalling how dismissive and almost hateful the animal-rights activists have been toward the little girl that got injured.

Yep. As the old saying goes, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every so often, and that was Josh Brodesky’s. I remember reading about the outcry against the dog being euthanized and being quite appalled with the focus on the dog and nothing being said about the kid — more so when Brodesky described her injuries:

Whether bitten or scratched by Buddy, the 9-year-old girl received 100 stitches, her parents have said, although that number is in dispute. She’s had surgery to mend a torn eye duct. There’s a long gash on her cheek and a cut on her lip — yet animal activists are worried about the dog?

“What happened to Buddy can happen to any of our pets,” Deanna Lee, of Advocates for San Antonio Pets, said at lastweekend’s rally for Buddy at the Alamo. “Buddy is a symbol of all the dogs (that) have died unjustly.”

What, then, does that make the little girl and her injuries?

What, indeed. Chopped liver? If that was my kid I’d have taken care of that damned dog right then and there.



One Response to “What about the kid, indeed…”

  1. kahr40 Says:

    This is a teachable moment. The family of the little girl needs to sue the dog’s owner into fucking oblivion or every cent they can get. Just saying.

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