Monday music musings, 3.2.14

…mostly brought to you by Country California

Tyler Farr, on Richard Sherman’s outburst:

I just don’t agree with how he handled that, and I’ll tell you why. You got little kids watching these football games and you have these guys that get paid millions, millions, millions more than school teachers to play football and that’s the role they’re setting for these kids? I’m sorry, but I’m never going to endorse that.

Yep, because the excited black man is so much more of a bad example to society than a dude singing about stalking his ex-girlfriend and defending that song on rather specious grounds, amirite?

Next up, Jennifer Nettles on George Strait’s career longevity:

Listen, if I could figure out the formula, I’d be doing it. If somebody does give you the formula, please call me back and let me know. Because we all want to do it.

What was the secret to George Strait’s career longevity? Well, I like to think I have a pretty good handle on it, so here goes. The secret to George Strait’s longevity was that he really was just what he presented himself as — an honest, small-town South Texas cowboy who wanted to carry the torch of all his country music idols. He never presented himself as some sort of visionary when it came to country music, spouting off pretentious bullshit like “Add a dash of Blondie, Simple Minds, the Clash and Johnny Cash — this is what you’re going to come up with” to describe his artistry. He never tried to make any other kind of music but good, solid country music, let alone try to put himself into the center of some debate about “what is country music anymore.”

So, in other words, he was pretty much the anti-Sugarland.

I saw this comment at Country Universe on a review of the new Hunter Hayes single:

The way he articulates (one of the lines in the song) just sounds forced, especially considering many are likening Hayes (I haven’t decided yet how much merit there is to this comparison) as the Justin Bieber of country radio.

Whether there’s any merit to the comparison, to say that “he’s sounding a lot more like a young Keith Urban than a young Bryan White” is not encouraging at all. Hell, it might not even be true from my perspective, because now that I think about it, Hunter Hayes is more or less a 2010s amalgam of both Keith Urban and Bryan White. One day getting breakfast I was subjected to “I Want Crazy” and all I could think was, “Yeah, and I want country music, you eternally prepubescent hack.”



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