My reaction…

…to reading this:

A 40-year-old Kirbyville woman has been charged with three counts of manslaughter in connection with a wreck that killed a pregnant Lumberton woman and her teenage sister….

(Lumberton police chief Danny) Sullins said that about 7:55 p.m., Texas Department of Public Safety officers called asking for help locating a red Camaro traveling southbound from Jasper County. DPS officers clocked the vehicle traveling faster than 100 mph, Sullins said.

Lumberton police officers were working a minor crash on U.S. 96 when the Camaro passed doing 121 mph.

The Camaro eventually crashed into the back of a Nissan traveling southbound on U.S. 96 in Lumberton, records say.

“Ohhh, they oughta string that woman up on the Hardin County courthouse lawn.”

Seriously, in the end, what’s the difference between this and the driver of that car busting up into their house with a gun and shooting them? They’re dead either way, aren’t they? I an hardly wait to see the story of the driver’s first court appearance, in which she says she’s sooo sorry for what she did.

But I’m sure she was licensed and registered



One Response to “My reaction…”

  1. mick129 Says:

    Taking the gun-car metaphor in the other direction, what are your thoughts on self defense while under the influence?

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