I’ve probably said this before…

…but I’ll bet you knew what I was thinking after I read the headline to this column:

War on drugs is class warfare

Presumably Froma Harrop would be A-OK with SWAT raids and the like if they were conducted mainly, if not solely, against upper-class people. Seriously, what is it with liberals and their seeing everything through the lenses of race and/or socioeconomics? Why can’t the War On Some Drugs just be bad on general principle? Seriously, is it really too much to acknowledge just that as opposed to saying it hurts the poor or favored minorities?

And about Philip Seymour Hoffman — David Codrea made some really good points, as uncomfortable as the truth of them is:

Don’t let (your drug use) affect the rest of us, and have at it. The second you do, it becomes our business.

The thing is, Hoffman let it affect the rest of us, because he gave money to some of the most violent criminals plaguing us. I won’t get into a circular logic argument here about what things would be like IF the state hadn’t interfered by making drugs “illegal,” because what we’re dealing with now is how things ARE, not how some might wish them to be. The fact is, if you give money to the gangs and cartels, you are enabling their ability to hurt and kill others, which they do with regularity. And finding the guy had something like 70 bags of junk in his apartment, and had most likely been using it at the same time he was doing “gun control” voice-overs for (Michael) Bloomberg cartoons, indicates he was giving substantial aid and comfort to some very evil, dangerous and violent people. That makes it our business, particularly with his insistence that the state make the rest of us more vulnerable to his supplier’s gangland associates.

And then to see the cavalier way Bloomberg’s youthful ward Mark Glaze memorialized Hoffman as “a friend to our movement,” with no acknowledgment, let alone condemnation of how the man’s actions worked directly against everything MAIG pretends it stands for, and to see the way the “Authorized Journalists” are keeping a lid on informing the public of Hoffman’s connection with that group, and how the loathsome hypocrites of Hollywood are lauding the guy into martyrdom, and that’s enough.



One Response to “I’ve probably said this before…”

  1. mick129 Says:

    If it helps any, some liberals think the War On Drugs is wasteful in and of itself.

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