What goes around comes around…

…or, It’s always such a pleasure to see Quislings hoisted on their own petard.

Long story short: Dwayne Ferguson, a New York gun owner and concealed-carry permit holder who helped get the New York SAFE Act pushed through is now facing felony charges for — wait for it! — carrying his gun on school grounds. The kicker? One of the provisions of the SAFE Act upgraded the charges for such to a felony from a misdemeanor. The schadenfreude, it is rich.

One of the commenters nailed it:

“This piece of dirt has spent over a decade fighting to turn decent people into felons over exactly this kind of ‘honest mistake’. Since he helped write the book it only seems fair that he have it thrown at him.”

Yep. The infuriating thing, though, is that he has all his associates rallying to his defense, with one of them even saying he could have helped police in the event there was a real threat to the students. Funny, we pro-gunners say that all the time and we’re constantly ridiculed by these people.  But they know him so it’s okay, I guess…

Is this situation wrong? Yes it is — all kinds of wrong. And we probably shouldn’t be cheering. But one of the complaints among conservatives/libertarians/gun owners is that too many of us are all too insistent on playing by Marquess of Queensberry-type rules while those on the other side throw decency to the wind to prevail. And, well, we see the truth of that pretty much every single day. Maybe if we start using their own rules against them we’ll make a lot more progress in states like New York. CVM VLLAE SELLAE IN PVGNO TABERNAE, as David Codrea says…



2 Responses to “What goes around comes around…”

  1. Jeff Bauer Says:

    Two words: just dessert

  2. Jeff Bauer Says:

    More just dessert (and Darwin Award nominee):


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