Oh, the butthurt! But he’s right, you know.

From Hearst’s Texas Politics blog:

Attorney General Greg Abbott and Sen. Wendy Davis are ramping up their battle over the border in the governor’s race after he cited Rio Grande Valley criminal cases in comparing corruption in the region to that of a third-world country….

The ante was upped after The Monitor in McAllen ran an editorial critical of Abbott’s choice of words, saying that “we need to declare as a region that we are tired of having Hispanics act as the bogeymen of Texas.”

Wait, what? Who said anything about Hispanics? It’s not an ethnic thing — it’s a national thing. It’s not secret that the corruption in Mexico is utterly pervasive. And it’s not at all a stretch to think Mexican immigrants would being the concept of “la mordida” (and everything that comes with it) with them when they cross the border — especially the ones intent on running for public office. Wendy Davis, the McAllen Monitor, and the professional grievance-mongers can spout all the self-righteous indignation they want, but the fact remains that Greg Abbott was right. And it’s not a recent development either; government corruption in the Rio Grande Valley goes back at least half a century, and it is quite literally legendary. Look up the story of how Lyndon B. Johnson got to be called “Landslide Lyndon” for a perfect example of that. And then, after that, Google “Rio Grande Valley corruption.”

Seriously, between this and her coming out in support of open carry this week, Wendy Davis must be getting desperate.



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