Wow, yeah, I forgot how much I liked this song.

So much that I bought the cd because of it…

I’ve bitched before about how Dierks Bentley went downhill in a hurry after his second album, but those first two albums were pretty solid. One of the songs from that album, 2005’s Modern Day Drifter, came up when I had the iPod on shuffle in the truck today, and I was reminded of just how good it was.

With that good driving beat and the wailing steel guitar, I liked that song from the first time I heard it. I remember when that was, too — January 28, 2005, when Bentley played the Frank Erwin Center as the opening act for George Strait. I don’t remember offhand if he mentioned that night that it was going to be on his next album, but I do remember thinking I’d like to have a studio recording of that song eventually. I was at Walmart bright and early that morning, May 10, 2005. Hard to believe it’s been almost 10 years…



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