Random bits from the day…

This morning at Bill Miller’s…

Radio announcer: “We know you love the new Keith Urban single ‘Cop Car,’ and we’re gonna play that next!”

Me, turning up Black Sabbath on the iPod: “Whatever you say, Sparky. I don’t want aaaany part of that.”

Riding home on the bus by the airport, I saw two F-16s on approach. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough…

The T-Mobile salesman I talked to at the store today was selling the hell out of the HTC One, to the point that I wondered if he got a bigger commission on it than he did the more expensive iPhone. Of course, as Sabra said, it could always be a better phone. And it IS nice. Very much so. Solid aluminum body, huge screen, and I really do like the Android OS. I am actually leaning toward it. Had Jony Ive not turned iOS into some sort of pastel-infused Fisher-Price monstrosity, my decision would probably be a lot harder…



2 Responses to “Random bits from the day…”

  1. ltc.dan Says:

    Love my HTC One. Just sayin’.

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