I’m such a bad Apple fanboy.

…or, I never would have seen this coming when I got my first smartphone a couple of years ago…

So you know all I’m pretty much all about, well, all things Apple — all things Apple that I’d use, at least. A couple of years ago I got my first smartphone, the Android-run HTC Sensation 4G. Pretty much the only reason I got that phone is that T-Mobile didn’t have the iPhone at the time. I figured, hey, maybe by the time it comes for me to get another phone they’ll have it. So April 2013 came and I was quite excited. Hey, T-Mobile finally got the iPhone! It will be mine, oh yes.

…Or, you know, not. Why? Well, iOS 7. It’s such an aesthetic mess. I know it might seem shallow to pooh-pooh something like a mobile computer operating system based on something like that, but on the other hand if you’re going to be interacting with it on a daily basis, you at least want it to be pleasing to the eye, right? I would have gone for the iPhone 5S had it not been for that, but instead I went for the HTC One.

And just like with my last HTC phone, I don’t feel like I got an inferior piece of equipment by any means. If anything, this phone’s even better than the Sensation. Where the Sensation was built out of some sort of polymer, the One is made out of aluminum. It’s quite sturdy, and it has a really good camera and speakers too. And it’s LTE-capable! I don’t know how much faster than standard 4G it’s supposed to be, but I measured it with my computer via my hotspot, and it runs at about 25 Mbps as opposed to about 8 Mbps on the old phone. It’s pretty nifty. But even without those faster data speeds I really like it. If you’re looking for a good Android phone, so far this one is highly recommended…



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