Well, well, well…

…how about this:

A third man has been charged in a West Side attempted burglary Monday that ended when the homeowner, 19, shot two of the suspected burglars and held the trio at gunpoint….

(Henry Leonard Aragon) drew a .380 pistol and fired three times, then kept the three people in the Camry at gunpoint until police arrived.

But remember, kids, people don’t need to own handguns if they’re under 21. The government says so. And we all know Government Knows Best, right?

Yes, I know. The .gov says you can’t buy a pistol from an FFL if you’re under 21 but you can own one. But that’s where that whole “straw purchase” bullshit comes in, in the form of Question 11a on the ATF Form 4473:

“Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form?”

Say no? No gun for you. Say yes and lie? If .gov finds out you lied it’s 10 years in federal PMITA prison and no guns for you ever again. Yes, I know. Buy it used from a third party. But wait! Anti-gunners have been trying to get us to have to fill out those pesky 4473s  for every single gun purchase!

Never mind the constitutionality of the laws, where the hell is the morality of them, even? Was there any good reason whatsoever for Mr. Aragon not to have that gun?


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