Random weekend musings…

So we went to Blanco BBQ tonight for dinner with the kids — after going for lunch today. It was packed both times. Yes, we did hit it during the lunch & dinner rush, but I figured if it wasn’t popular it wouldn’t be so crowded. I am really glad to see that place thriving, because it’s really, really good. This was about the 5th time we’ve been, if I remember right. I’m not such a barbecue maven that I’d feel comfortable putting them in the same league as Barbecue Station or Cooper’s, but every time we’ve gone the food has been great.

You know, it struck me, listening to the song yesterday, that all these stupid songs people make anymore about sitting on the tailgate drinking your light beer with the hawt honehhs in cutoffs are all fifth-rate ripoffs of Hank Jr’s “Country State of Mind.” Still like THAT song though, but then Bocephus sang about a lot of things.

(Really, do you think a douchebag like Chase Rice would be caught dead singing something like “I’ve Got Rights”?)


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