Friday music musings, 28.02.14

So, if I am reading Chase Rice correctly (via Farce the Music), he’s perfectly content to be singing the same clichéd, misogynistic filth about girls, trucks and beer over and over again. I am reminded of what I said about Dallas Davidson: The man is the very definition of “one-dimensional,” and he wears it like a badge of honor. I can hardly wait to see how it can get worse than “get ya little fine ass on the step shimmy up inside.”

Speaking of how it can get worse, I finally heard Tim McGraw’s latest, “Lookin’ For That Girl,” for myself yesterday evening…

Wow. Just…wow. I mean, I thought Tim McGraw jumped the shark with “Truck Yeah,” but “Lookin’ For That Girl” is just…spectacularly bad. I mean, so bad it circles around to good and back to bad and back to good and back to bad and so on for freaking infinity. It’s…fractal, recursive badness, the likes of which I have never before seen in music. Between the horrid lyrics, the dance beat, and them auto-tuning the shit out of his voice…yeah. I mean, I know I approach this from the perspective of someone who thinks the concept of genres still has utility, but this song is just a FAIL as music, period. There’s a reason I don’t listen to top-40 pop or electronic dance music, and “Lookin’ For That Girl” is pretty much the perfect encapsulation of that.

On a more positive note, looks like Justin Frazell got promoted to the position of Program Director at 95.9 the Ranch. Couldn’t have happened to a better dude either, as far as the Ranch’s Texas music format goes. Contrary to your typical corporate program director who gets shuffled between formats and has no great appreciation for any specific genre, Justin Frazell has been a vocal, tireless advocate for Texas and red dirt music for more than a decade, going back to his earlier days at 99.5 the Wolf in the late 1990s. I was damn glad to see him land on his feet after Cumulus nuked the station in late ’08. Here’s to many more years of success, for him and the Ranch too.


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