Monday music musings, 3.3.14

…mostly brought to you by Country California

Dierks Bentley on Blake Shelton:

We’re such honky-tonkers at heart and love traditional country music. No matter how far Blake bends or does other stuff, the guy really loves country music.

Perhaps he does, but I really don’t see what that has to do with anything. I am reminded of this recent quote (via) from Ashley Monroe:

And there is not one person, and I’m not just saying this, who could sit there and quote every musician who’s played on every record. I can text him right now and say, “Hey, who wrote such-and-such song in 1982?” and he would tell me. He is an encyclopedia of country music….And for someone who cares so much, for them to attack him, I was thinking, “Ugh! That should be the last person they should be attacking!”

And you know, that’s a really nice straw man. The outcry didn’t have to do with Blake Shelton’s knowledge and alleged respect of country music as it did his flagrant disrespect of the people who made it what it was, both the legends and the fans. I’m sure Marty Stuart has forgotten more about country music than Blake Shelton will ever know, but you don’t see him calling anyone names, do you?


Yes, Jason Aldean really said this, apparently without a trace of irony:

The thing is, if everyone was traditional and everyone was recording the same stuff, it would get boring after a while.

Funny that Aldean talks about things getting boring if everyone recorded the same thing, considering that’s exactly what he and his bro-country hacks are foisting on all of us — over and over again, even.

Not that I expected him to be smart enough — or self-aware enough — to see that, but I thought it deserved to be pointed out.


And, once again, what’s with the Garth Brooks and ’90s country love fest after all these years? Sabra has made the observation before that pointing to one decade of country music as the best is an indicator of childhood nostalgia, and I completely agree with that. As she said on Facebook regarding the 1990s, “Garth’s hype way outstripped his talent, everybody thought they were Don Henley, and there was that whole mini trend of doing boy band songs.” It’s enough to make me wonder if all these people worshipping at the feet of ’90s country were listening to the same radio stations I was. I always thought ’90s country was quite overrated as well and agree that pegging any one decade as the best is a bit short-sighted — after all, every decade had its share of crap — but on the other hand I am rather comfortable saying that as a whole the best mainstream country had to offer came out in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. And sure, the ’90s did have its share of good stuff, but not nearly enough to justify forgetting about everything before 1989, as country radio seemed to do after about 1992….



2 Responses to “Monday music musings, 3.3.14”

  1. Greg Says:

    A candid and correct review of an Aldean circus show…

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