On a certain “country music” deejay…

I don’t know what the deal is with Bobby Bones and his obsession with Kacey Musgraves, but it honestly borders on the creepy. She seems to have made it obvious that she isn’t interested in mending fences with him, yet he still pursues her. What gives? It could be as Trigger has said elsewhere, that Mr. Bones thinks he’s on the same level as people like Musgraves and deserves their respect and treatment as a peer, but whatever. If he thinks that, maybe he should prove himself worthy of it by not being a petulant jerk.

Speaking of that, another thing that gets my goat about that whole thing: You let Zac Brown say one thing about one song from an artist that he otherwise admires, and the bro-country hacks go apeshit about it. But let some self-righteous asshole deejay badger and belittle Kacey Musgraves and no one in country music bats an eye. Does that seem off to anyone else?

It’s all quite appalling, really. You’d never see the likes of Eddie Stubbs, Justin Frazell, or Rowdy Yates doing this sort of thing. I guess along with the quality decline in country music we’d see a corresponding decline in the quality of country radio as well, but it’s still quite disturbing.



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