Never thought I’d see this.

…or, When you’ve lost the San Antonio Express-News editorial board

Castro’s boycott of Buc-ee’s misguided

I remember reading about Joaquin Castro’s threatened boycott a few days ago and thinking, “I’m sure Arch Aplin and Don Wasek are quaking in their boots.” I mean, really, does anyone really give a shit what Joaquin Castro thinks about anything? And if they do, why?

Of course, if enough people care, the whole thing might backfire, if this bit from a couple of days ago is accurate:

Calls to boycott Buc-ee’s aren’t likely to gain traction, Rice University political scientist Mark P. Jones said.

“When you look at the relatively small number of people who cared to vote in the Democratic primary, that suggests the potential pool for boycott participants is relatively shallow,” he said.

Also, if a protest becomes too vocal, “it could lead to people going out of their way to spend money at Buc-ee’s,” Jones said.

People going out of their way to spend money at Buc-ee’s. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Aplin and Wasek suspected as much themselves. They’re probably welcome his boycott, or at the least they don’t care…



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