I cannot even begin to fathom it:

Johran McCormick’s mother slowly shook her head Friday as she stared at the floor of her modest Spring home and cried….

She didn’t know why he had secretly returned from New Orleans, where he was supposed to be enjoying spring break with friends for the rest of the week.

And she couldn’t understand why the man accused of firing the fatal shot Thursday is not behind bars.

“If you take a life, you give your life,” Zakia McCormick said behind tears. “We’re suffering. Why isn’t he suffering, too?”

Ugh. Just…ugh. I know Zakia McCormick is hurting, but still, when I hear people say things like that it makes me want to throw things. Perhaps he isn’t suffering because he was defending his home? Because it wasn’t his kid who made the sudden move with a gun pointed at him?

I mean, seriously. Pop quiz for the dads out there: Let’s say you were awakened by strange noises in your home at 2:30 in the morning, went to investigate and caught your teenage daughter in bed with someone you didn’t know. Let’s say you had a gun in your hand and this dude made a sudden move. What would you do, as you were in that foggy land between sleep and alertness even as the adrenaline was coursing through your veins?



4 Responses to “So…much…moral…rot…”

  1. peter drysdale Says:

    Devil’s advocate: isn’t that the reason antigun folks don’t want us having guns? If you’re still in a “foggy land between sleep and alertness,” how in the world can you be sure of what you’re shooting at? Especially if he’s in bed with your daughter.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Fair question, I suppose, and it’s one that doesn’t have an easy answer. More than one kid has been shot by his parents trying to get in the house at an ungodly hour. But way more often than not, from what I’ve seen, the people getting shot are the ones who aren’t supposed to be there. And then in this case, there’s the allegations that A. the girl blurted out that the boy wasn’t supposed to be there and B. he made a sudden move for only God knows what when dad was pointing a gun at him. The situation sucks, but in the end if I was on the grand jury I’d vote to no-bill.

  3. peter drysdale Says:

    Sounds to me like the daughter is most to blame. Why in the world would she say she didn’t know the boy? That’s insane

  4. Reg Says:

    “If you take a life, you give your life,” Zakia McCormick said behind tears.

    Wow……So much bullshit….

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