Oh, the things you find screwing around on YouTube…

…or, FAVORITE tune from these guys…

I’ve been a fan of Asleep at the Wheel since, well, since I don’t remember when. Don’t think I ever heard ’em on the radio, so pretty much everything I bought from them I got, well, sound unheard. During my short stint in North Texas in the early 200s, though, on 99.5 the Wolf they played a few AATW songs quite frequently, including “Way Down Texas Way,” “House of Blue Lights,” “Hot Rod Lincoln,” and this one, which got to be my favorite…


2 Responses to “Oh, the things you find screwing around on YouTube…”

  1. Greg Says:

    Fiddler Jason Roberts has left AATW to form his own band. 20yrs with AATW!

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      I did not know that! And I didn’t know he had been with them quite that long. I remember seeing them on the George Strait festival tour and being quite impressed with both his singing and his instrumental skills. He sounded a lot like Tommy Duncan to me. If he’s going to be doing both of those in his own band that’s gonna be AWESOME.

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