Random Tuesday musings, 26.3.14

Some people absolutely slay me. “HURR HURR HURR, if insurance covers Viagra and erectile dysfunction equipment, why should it not cover birth control, HURR HURR HURR…” Looks like the old Thomas Pynchon quote is as true as it ever was:

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”


So Jerrod Niemann is over here running his mouth about Willie and Waylon (which got a rather brilliant fisking by the Triggerman here) and doing what boils down to little more than Electronic Dance Music and hip-hop being marketed as “country,” Eric Church is scribbling in the coloring book, and Keith Urban keeps recycling the same talking points over and over and over again. Meanwhile, Iced Earth did this on their latest album:

While I don’t know what Jon Schaffer and company’s thoughts are on country music in general, I think it’s still worth asking which act has more respect for the genre. After all, you don’t see this being called a country song, although I suppose it might well be just a matter of time…


What else to say about Bill Maher, besides that he’s a hideous little troll, on the inside and out? Worst congressman in America? Honestly, I would put this under the same category that I would put Russell Simmons trashing the NRA — you could hardly pay for a better endorsement. I would campaign on that in a second: “Bill Maher hates me! Do you really need any more proof that I am more than worthy of your vote?”

After all, as Kurt Hofmann so often says, “there is as much nobility in being despised by the despicable as there is in being admired by the admirable.”


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