Monday music musings, 31.3.14

Call me an old fart, jackass, or whatever, but Colt Ford can take his evolution of country music and blow it out his fat fucking ass. Sorry for the strong language, kids, but I am nigh well sick and tired of ass muppets like him throwing all this shit up in our faces as the way it should be, when it should be obvious to anyone who’s paying attention that what’s happening here is, as I have said before, not evolution of the genre, but watering down and bastardization of it. And I daresay that no one who pukes out bilge like this has any business lecturing anyone on anything music-related.

Furthermore, Hank Jr. is “the benchmark for country music”? That’s a new one on me. Don’t get me wrong, I never outright considered Bocephus not country — but he’s surely not a benchmark by any means, no more than Alabama or Earl Thomas Conley. I realize that’s pretty much the only way Colt Ford’s argument might even work, as HWJ did his share of cringeworthy stuff (“Gonna Go Huntin’ Tonight,” anyone?), but it’s still more than a little disingenuous.


Speaking of evolution, I think Brandy Clark nailed it with this comment:

…it bothers me that sometimes we are ashamed of country music.

Well, except for the “sometimes” part of it. Seems like pretty much all we have anymore is people ashamed of the genre, to the point that they’re trying to make it into something it isn’t. Exhibit A: the thinly-disguised EDM of “Drink To That All Night.” Exhibit B: Florida-Georgia Line rapping in “This Is How We Roll.” And you know the list goes on…


It’s nice to know Brantley Gilbert thinks George Strait made himself a country music legend and the “benchmark for country music” by more or less lying to his fans. I don’t see writing one’s own songs as a selling point in and of itself. George Strait became a country music legend singing other people’s songs; up until about 2009 you could count on one hand the songs he recorded that he had a hand in writing. And while what he’s come up with since he’s started writing again is quite good, his catalog would be much poorer for the lack of songs like, say, “Poison” and “A Showman’s Life.” George Strait may not have written a lot of his own material, but even so I think there’s a lot to be said for a good song interpreter, which Strait arguably is. And even though Alan Jackson has written a lot of his own songs, some of his best, most memorable songs were written by others, i.e., Bob McDill’s “Gone Country.” I remember kvetching about Shania Twain back in the late ’90s and one of the most frequent defenses of her that everyone put up was — wait for it — that she wrote her own songs. And my thought was, “Well, so? They’re still crap.”

(h/t Country California)



One Response to “Monday music musings, 31.3.14”

  1. Jeff Bauer Says:

    You’re taking shots at a fictitious character, this “Colt Ford” poser. He’s a former professional golfer and present tense “country” fraud whose real name is Jason Brown. Spread the word.

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