Wow, don’t know how I missed this…

…but it’s definitely worth a read:

Re: “Streetcar essential for burgeoning city,” Henry Cisneros, Another View, March 29:

I read former Mayor Cisneros’ commentary in support of the streetcar project.

Remember, this is the same gentleman who told us the Alamodome would put us on the “map” — pretty small map. We were going to have professional football, MLB, the Spurs, etc, there.

What we got is a structure that strongly resembles a landlocked steamboat and stands empty most of the time, along with an increased tax rate to build it that never went down.

Now he promotes “the streetcar” as the development of a citywide system when, in fact, all I have heard or read about is a five-mile tourist attraction in the downtown area. When Henry talks, I lock the doors, put our money in the wall safe, and turn off the lights.

Yep. I could hardly believe Cisneros mentioned the Alamodome in that piece, all things considered. From what I understand it’s completely paid for already, and it does host big events every so often — exhibition sporting events, concerts, and the like. But considering that it failed to accomplish its stated objective of bringing an NFL team to San Antonio, it should hardly be mentioned in the same breath as the acquisition of CPS Energy and the building of the McAllister Freeway (for those of you not here in San Antonio, that’s Highway 281 between downtown and Sonterra Boulevard on the city’s far north side). And the streetcars for damn sure shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath. Why? Because they’re arguably going to be a benefit to a much smaller amount of people, many of whom don’t even live here in San Antonio. Sounds like hiding the money would definitely be the smart move when Cisneros opens his mouth.

(Same goes for Nelson Wolff and Julian Castro as well, but that’s another couple of blog posts…)


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