And, once again…

…the San Antonio Express-News editorial board shows its ignorance:

Texas is still, fortunately, one of those states where openly carrying handguns is generally prohibited. Concealed weapons, with permits, still are restricted from most places where it makes sense to restrict them — churches, prisons, nursing homes, school sporting events, bars and CWI (carrying while intoxicated).

These last two are based on the indisputable proposition that alcohol and guns are not a good combination, a fact lost on Georgia’s legislature.

There is simply no need for gun envy here. Texas already is acknowledged to have some of the most lax gun ownership rules in the nation.

Some of the most lax gun ownership rules in the nation, whaaaaat? No open carry whatsoever, exorbitant, non-refundable CHL application, renewal, and training fees, and the Express-News considers that lax? One wonders what they’d consider the laws in a state like Indiana, where a lifetime license to carry is $100 — $40 less than Texas’ initial application fee and only $30 more than Texas’ four-year renewal fee. And if I remember correctly, you can carry in bars in Indiana as well, just like you can in Georgia now. This is nothing more than the same old “blood will run in the streets” Chicken Little rhetoric the anti-gunners have been trotting out for at least the last 20 years — in Texas and everywhere else. You’d think they’d have come up with better arguments by now, considering how many times they have been proven wrong.

But then, this is the San Antonio Express-News editorial board we’re dealing with here….



3 Responses to “And, once again…”

  1. 3boxesofbs Says:

    Can’t get the basics right either. Carry is no longer prohibited in churches, nursing homes, etc; those facilities must post 30.06 signs just like any other private entity.

    And they don’t address that restaurant carry; as long as 51% of the sales comes from non alcohol sources, is allowed. It’s almost as if the gun carriers really aren’t causing problems by drinking and carrying.

    Given that conviction rates for CHL holders has never been above 0.50% of all convictions in Texas and that trend is common in most states; it is really hard to see why they are up in arms (he he) over licensed carriers.

    Shouldn’t they be focused on the drug organizations and gangs as the real cause of violence?

  2. GomeznSA Says:

    And the e-n also conveniently ‘forgot’ that open carry of long guns IS legal in Texas and that there are a considerable number of folks who routinely ‘open carry’ pistols – that would be the coppers of course. It appears that the anti-gun groups aren’t ‘skeered’ of them, even with the often less than stellar results when they are involved in shootings. At least ours tend to be a bit better than those in say, Noo Yawk City………………
    Personally I have no issue with those who would open carry, my preference is (or is not, no ones business but mine) concealed – why give a potential bad guy advance warning.

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Yeah, the Express-News has always been pretty bad about getting basic stuff right — just like all the other anti-gunners.

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