Sunday morning radio musings, 4.5.14

Yesterday, listening to Sirius, I heard Floyd Cramer’s “Last Date,” a song I’ve always liked. I thought about something and went off to Google to confirm it, and it was indeed true.

What’s that, you say? Well, Cramer was indeed born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and part of his career was as a pianist on the Louisiana Hayride, the radio show on Shreveport’s legendary KWKH-AM 1130 that launched the careers of so many country greats including Hank Williams, Webb Pierce, and Faron Young (who, incidentally, was discovered by Webb Pierce). The Hayride was also reportedly where the famous phrase “Elvis has left the building” originated. For a long time KWKH also had a presence on FM, up until late 1996; KWKH-AM soldiered on as a country station. I was thinking it was still that way, but alas…

As of May 31, 2012, KWKH had changed to a sports format and ceased producing the classic country music format reminiscent of the Hayride era.

Because that’s exactly what we need, yet another damned sports station, amirite? That is but one thing that shows just how out of the loop I’ve been; yet another is that KVOO-AM in Tulsa, where Bob Wills got his own catapult into country music stardom and history, has been a news/talk station with different call letters since 2001. So much heritage went down the drain, between those stations. and it’s such a shame.

I don’t really have anything to support the thought other than the flipping of KWKH, at least, but I do wonder how true the thought is that this is what happens when you cater to people who don’t give a shit about anything that came out more than six months ago — they just turn off the radio, period….



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